Sample Itinerary

Day 1

Upon arrival at Oslo Airport, your private driver will be waiting to greet you and transfer you to Villa Inkognito. Once comfortably settled in, you’ll have the flexibility to wander the city at your own pace or take advantage of the on-site amenities, including the Spectre Bar for cocktails and refreshments, the Poppy Library, a cozy reading space adorned with hand-blocked French wallpaper, and the Lily Pad Lounge, Bargello Snug, and The Ruby Room, ideal for intimate gatherings and dining.

Located in the prestigious Frogner district, adjacent to Sommerro in Oslo's West End, Villa Inkognito is a testament to refined luxury. Each uniquely designed bedroom and suite boasts bespoke furnishings such as hand-knotted rugs, custom-designed beds, and lavish bathrooms showcasing bespoke tiles. At Villa Inkognito, your personal host will cater to your every need. Steeped in history, this building was established in 1753 and meticulously transformed into an exclusive villa, intertwining heritage with modern extravagance.

Overnight Villa Inkognito

Day 2

Today, you will see the highlights of Oslo via bike with your guide to gain insight into contemporary Norwegian life. Pedal your way through the city to various sites of interest, including a visit to the medieval Akershus Fortress, the iconic city hall, and the bustling main street, Karl Johan, through the Royal Palace gardens. As you continue, stand in the shadows of giants in Vigeland Sculpture Park, delve into the 19th-century neoclassical charm of the Frogner neighborhood, and admire the modern architecture in the Barcode District and Aker Brygge/Tjuvholmen.

This afternoon, you have the option to partake in a truly unique and relaxing experience aboard the reserved floating sauna in Oslo. The sauna gently rests on the calm waters of the quay, giving you two restful hours to unwind. Indulging in the floating sauna's serene ambiance sets the scene for this romantic Norwegian journey for two.

Overnight Villa Inkognito

Day 3

Your private driver will collect you from your hotel and transfer you to the airport for your flight to Aalesund, Norway's fishing capital. Upon landing, you will be warmly welcomed and transported to the Storfjord Hotel, a 20-minute drive from Aalesund city.

Located in Glomset, this exquisite five-star haven is the only luxury boutique hotel between Bergen and Trondheim, offering seclusion, serenity, and breathtaking panoramic vistas of the Storfjord and the Sunnmore Alps.

Behind the handcrafted log walls awaits an experience you will not find anywhere else. Take in the scent of timber and admire the works of art and carefully selected antiques. Sit comfortably on designer furniture while sipping coffee and enjoying the magnificent view. The hotel stands on a wooded hillside with a splendid panorama of the Storfjord. During your stay, you will be treated to a delicious four-course meal, inviting you to experience the region's flavors.

Overnight Storfjord Hotel

Day 4

This morning, take a restorative 3-hour e-bike tour through the majestic landscapes encompassing Storfjord Hotel. Led by your expert guide, cycle along the terrain at a leisurely pace, close to cascading waterfalls, following the fjord's contours. You will be able to take your time enjoying the scenery during the ride.

Overnight Storfjord Hotel

Day 5

Discover the secluded beauty of the Sunnmøre Alps with an exclusive guided mountain hike. The area offers nature enthusiasts a diverse array of hiking options, both short and extended, some conveniently commencing right at your hotel's doorstep. Grand mountains rise from delicately narrow fjords, creating a landscape unlike any other on earth. We recommend a guided journey to Mount Hautua, a scenic trek lasting approximately 3-4 hours, offering breathtaking views of the neighboring mountains and fjord.

Overnight Storfjord Hotel

Day 6

Set out on a romantic two-person fjord cruise from Storfjord Hotel to Hotel Union Øye. Board a luxury boat for the voyage towards the legendary Hjørundfjord. During your journey, enjoy a magical stop in Trandal, where you can have a turn on the famous infinity swing overlooking the fjord - you’ll feel as if you’re in a Norweigan folk tale. As your boat journey comes to an end, you'll disembark on the pier right at the doorstep of the historic Hotel Union Øye.

Thoughtfully positioned in the fjord hamlet of Øye, Hotel Union Øye is a treasured establishment from a bygone era when travel went hand in hand with self-discovery, slow days spent reading, and tweed-clad hill climbing. Since 1891, this peaceful retreat has encouraged visitors to live in harmony with the tranquility of its surroundings.

Each individually designed room is steeped in history, bearing the names of notable figures who once graced these halls. Hear stories of these famous writers, mountaineers, artists, and royals over a meal in the dining room or by the fireplace after dinner. Encircled by towering mountains by the quiet fjord, Hotel Union Øye offers a refuge of comfort in the depths of nature. Wander nearby trails that invite you to admire nature's intricate details and embrace your inner adventurer.

Overnight Hotel Union Oye

Day 7

Enjoy a leisurely day at Hotel Union Øye to utilize the on-site facilities. Discover the enchanting Victorian garden with its diverse features, including a vegetable garden, pavilion, croquet lawn, and lily-covered pond in summer, which transforms into an ice-skating rink during the winter.

Dive into the area's history in the Alpine Library, home to the complete collection of the Alpine Journal dating back to 1863. Relax in leather chairs by a crackling fire, or find a quiet corner to read. Join the hosts for captivating tales each evening over belly-warming meals, then retreat to the game room, finished with dark wood-paneled walls and a roaring fireplace, offering the perfect ambiance to unwind with a drink while a vintage snooker table adds its own historical charm.

Overnight Hotel Union Oye

Day 8

Your driver will transfer you to the airport for your flight to Alta, followed by another transfer to the world's northernmost igloo hotel.

Each year, skilled artists and builders come together to design a new and unique ice hotel with a chosen theme. Sorrisniva Ice Hotel is an impressive feat of construction, requiring 250 tonnes of ice and 7,000 cubic meters of snow, all sourced from the nearby Alta Valley. Inside, you'll discover a blend of cozy igloo rooms and individually designed suites, each a masterpiece of handcrafted ice art.

Overnight Sorrisniva Ice Hotel

Day 9
Finnmark Territories

Spend an exhilarating day in the Arctic wilderness with a private husky mushing journey. It is all part of the experience to learn about the huskies and how to mush effectively. The huskies are eager to pull the sleds and are excited to interact with you. Choose between a more active participation tour, where you'll lead your sled, or a tour with a more passive approach as a passenger. You'll have your own sled and husky team, and you can swap positions with your partner during stops.

Along the way, learn about the kennel's preparation for the famous Finnmark race, the world's northernmost sled husky race. Depending on the season, you'll use sleds or carts for this unforgettable experience.

Located along the Alta River in Norway's High Arctic, the Arctic Wilderness Lodge, with its 24 rooms, effortlessly blends luxury with nature. The lodge extends a warm invitation to guests, welcoming them to try an array of unique excursions. Delight in the world-class gastronomy and unmatched hospitality of Arctic Wilderness Lodge, creating an unparalleled Arctic experience.

Overnight Wilderness Arctic Lodge

Day 10

Experience the heart of this winter wonderland during a snowshoeing adventure. Snowshoes distribute your weight across a larger surface area, preventing your feet from sinking into the snow. This easy-to-learn and popular recreational activity allows you to see the Arctic wilderness on foot, even amidst the season's heavy snowfall.

You'll join your guide on a 2-hour snowshoeing excursion among Sorrisniva's picturesque surroundings to a rustic wooden shelter strategically perched on a mountain ridge, where your guide will light a warming bonfire.

This vantage point offers stunning views of the Alta Valley, nearby mountains, and the frozen river below. Warm your hands with a hot beverage and snack on local refreshments while relaxing by the fire. Your guide will share insights into the endemic species and the area’s history. This tour is suitable for all and requires no prior experience or special preparations.

Overnight Wilderness Arctic Lodge

Day 11
Svalbard Islands

Your day will begin with a private transfer to Alta Airport for a flight to Svalbard via Tromso to connect with your flight to Longyearbyen, the northernmost town on earth. A driver will bring you to Funken Hotel to relax for the afternoon and indulge in a culinary treat at the hotel's restaurant.

After renovating in the Fall of 2017, the hotel has reclaimed its position as the most elegant building in Longyearbyen. The renovation has elevated Funken Hotel's exclusivity, with rooms, dining options, and facilities all restored to an exceptional level. The renewal embraces the building's historical and cultural charm, infusing it with sophistication, innovation, and originality.

Overnight Funken Hotel

Day 12

Beneath Svalbard's glaciers lies a hidden world sculpted by the annual melting of ice and snow during the summer months. Your tour of the ice cave (available from November to May) begins at the top of town in Nybyen, where you'll ascend towards the glacier on a two-hour hike.

Upon arrival at the cave's entrance, you'll be equipped with essential safety gear, including helmets, spikes, and headlamps, before descending into the cave. Once inside, you'll encounter a maze of halls, narrow passages, and dense layers of ice crystals. Inside the ice cave, you'll be treated to a warm beverage and biscuits, and you're welcome to bring additional snacks if desired.

This excursion is a moderately challenging experience, with mountain hiking and occasional crawling within the cave to be expected. It is unsuitable for guests with back issues, claustrophobia, or limited physical fitness. We recommend bringing a backpack with hydration for the hike, extra warm clothing, sufficient space for equipment (spikes, helmet, and headlamp), and sturdy winter hiking boots to navigate the seasonal conditions.

The isolated Isfjord Radio Adventure Hotel is a remote outpost beyond civilization's reach with no road connection. Accessible via dogsled or snowmobile during winter or an Arctic boat safari in summer, this historic 1933-built radio station reveals a comfortable, modern interior amidst rugged exterior charm. With primary and separate house accommodations, each boasting private facilities, Isfjord Radio guarantees a comfortable stay.

Overnight Isfjord Radio Adventure Hotel

Day 13

Begin your day with the promise of thrilling wildlife encounters as you journey to Isfjord, a vast fjord complex at 78°N on Spitsbergen's west coast. As you gaze northward, the iconic Alkhornet mountain stands tall as a navigational landmark. To the south, you'll find your sanctuary, Isfjord Radio Hotel—a home far from home in these remote reaches.

Your journey takes you aboard a Polarcircle boat on a voyage of grand glaciers and majestic mountains. The fjord is full of vibrant birdlife, such as Atlantic puffins and Brunnich’s Guillemot, bringing life to the Arctic landscapes.

Overnight Funken Hotel

Day 14
Departure Day

After a leisurely breakfast at Funken Lodge, your driver will accompany you to the airport to connect with your international flight home.