Sample Itinerary

Day 1
Arrival in Mallorca

As you arrive at the airport in Mallorca, your guide will be waiting to transfer you to Cap Rocat, your home base for the next few nights. On arrival, enjoy a leisurely evening to settle in and unwind.

Cap Rocat is one of the Mediterranean's most private and secluded resorts. Located in a 74-acre nature reserve with a 1.2-mile marine-protected coast, this ancient fortress-turned-boutique hotel overlooks the vibrant Bay of Palma. The restoration of this architectural marvel was a true labor of love, preserving its rich heritage while transforming it into an exclusive boutique hotel that blends perfectly into the landscape.

Overnight Cap Rocat

Day 2
Palma de Mallorca

Today you will experience firsthand the vibrant atmosphere of Palma de Mallorca. This bustling city welcomes thousands of visitors annually, enticing them with its historic streets adorned with top-notch restaurants, boutiques, galleries, and fresh food markets.

Your guided tour begins at the Olivar Market, where you can sample delicious local cuisine. As you continue your stroll through the city, your guide will share the history of Palma's cultural sites, each one a testament to the city's diverse heritage, before stopping to indulge in an ensaïmada and hot chocolate at Can Joan de s'Aigo pastry shop, which first opened its doors in 1700. The local delicacy of ensaïmada is sure to delight your taste buds. If hot chocolate isn't your thing, you will have the chance to sample some of the local wines instead.

Of course, no visit to Palma is complete without seeing the Palma Cathedral. Built during the reign of Jaime II on the ancient walls that once surrounded Palma's old town, the cathedral boasts a soaring 144-foot-tall nave, making it the second-highest nave among all Gothic cathedrals worldwide. As the sun sets, the multicolored windows of the cathedral create a mesmerizing spectacle of light.

After the tour, your guide will drop you at one of their favorite local restaurants, where you can enjoy some delicious Mallorcan cuisine.

Overnight Cap Rocat

Day 3
Serra de Tramontana

Today, your guide will take you to visit two endearing villages in the scenic Serra de Tramontana: Valldemossa and Deià. They will share fascinating histories and intriguing anecdotes about these locations.

Your first stop is the beautiful village of Valldemossa to visit Chopin's apartment, where the renowned composer found inspiration for some of his famous Préludes during his intense relationship with the poetess George Sand. Valldemossa is also renowned for the bakery Ca'n Molinas, where you can taste their famous 'coca de patata'.

Next, travel along the winding roads of the Serra de Tramontana to reach Deià, the most famous Tramontana village. This village holds a special place in the hearts of many, as it was once home to the esteemed poet and author Robert Graves. Your guide will take you to the historic Son Marroig, where you can peek out from its mirador—a small but stunning temple made of Carrara marble, crafted by Archduke Luis Salvador in imitation of the one atop the Pallavicini garden islet near Genoa.

If the sculptor at the Belmond is in, you can visit their studio—an encounter sure to leave a lasting impression. For those seeking a more active afternoon, take the option to hike to the nearby cemetery, where you'll find the final resting place of Robert Graves under a great cypress tree.

Overnight Cap Rocat

Day 4
Tramontana Coast

Prepare for a dreamy day sailing along the Tramontana Coast on your private yacht. Sit back and feel the calmness of the Mediterranean breeze as your skipper navigates the sparking turquoise waters to reach each cove. Spend your day swimming in the refreshing water, sunbathing on the deck, or dipping your toes in the water. An array of food and drinks will be served on board as you enjoy the stunning sea landscapes.

Overnight Cap Rocat

Day 5
Tramontana Mountain Range

After an energizing breakfast, your guide will collect you for a day at Mallorca's Serra de Tramuntana, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This impressive mountain range, stretching almost 55 miles from Andratx in the southwest to the captivating Cap de Formentor in the far north, stands as the island's backbone.

Today you will hike along one of the historic trails that winds through this beautiful region. During the hike, you'll notice ancient dry stone terracing and walls that decorate the landscape. Nature's masterpieces, the gnarled centuries-old olive trees, add a touch of magic to the scenery.

Overnight Cap Rocat

Day 6

Today, we bid farewell to Mallorca as you fly to Menorca. On arrival, you'll be welcomed by beaches that rival even the Caribbean's most beautiful shores. Menorca has a stunning coastline with more beaches than Ibiza and Majorca combined.

The island's allure extends beyond its stunning beaches. Menorca holds the distinction of having the highest concentration of prehistoric monuments in the world. Enigmatic megalithic stone structures overgrown with fig, wild olive, and prickly pear trees can be scattered throughout the island. Menorca will transport you in time with its charming port cities, where cobbled streets wind through Baroque architecture.

This traditional Menorcan farm has been lovingly renovated into luxury accommodations and a cellar, preserving the area's heritage and archaeology. The white-washed farm buildings dating back to the 19th and early 20th century exude history and are surrounded by vineyards, offering captivating views of the Mediterranean.

Your room at Torralbenc, the Albenc room, combines limestone, wood, and natural fabrics to create a light and cozy space where relaxation is inevitable. Step out onto your open-air terrace and immerse yourself in the rural nature of Menorca, surrounded by centenary trees and local vegetation.

Overnight Hotel Torralbenc

Day 7

Spend today making a difference by volunteering at an equestrian recovery center. This pioneering project in the Balearic Islands is dedicated to protecting the Menorcan horse breed, a cherished part of the island's heritage. At the heart of their mission is providing every resident at the rescue center, regardless of their needs, with a loving and safe environment to live out the rest of their days.

While volunteering, you'll help with the daily routine of caring for these magnificent animals. The work may be physical, dirty, and sometimes challenging, but it is always rewarding. Throughout your time at the center, you'll have the privilege of engaging in a meaningful conversation with the director and founder, learning about the importance of this conservationist project and its impact on preserving Menorca's cultural heritage.

This experience is perfect for families, providing a unique opportunity to bond while contributing to a cause close to the island's heart. No minimum or maximum time is required to spend at the rescue center; any help you can provide is warmly welcomed.

Overnight Hotel Torralbenc

Day 8

Get ready for an exciting day as you set off on a Land Rover Defender 4x4 adventure. Menorca is a natural Biosphere Reserve shaped by picturesque gullies leading to serene coves. As you and your guide traverse private rural tracks, admire the island's diverse fauna and flora intermingled with farmland. You'll be captivated by Menorca's stunning scenic landscapes and visit exclusive locations accessible only via private rural tracks.

Menorca preserves a rich archaeological heritage with over 1,500 archeological sites across the island. Many civilizations have populated the island throughout its history, leaving their cultural and historical legacy. Among them, the Talayotic culture stands out, and you'll have the unique opportunity to explore the megalithic constructions, such as the layouts, tables, and navetas, which dot the landscape.

Halfway through the tour, take a break at a private estate for a wine tasting guided by a professional sommelier. Be delighted by the various wines of the island, perfectly paired with the famous and acclaimed Mahón cheeses. The authentic flavors of Menorca promise to be a treat for your taste buds.

Later this afternoon, enjoy a refreshing drink and aperitif from your private sofa in a cliffside cafe on the south coast of Menorca. A beverage at this impressive location is not to be missed.

Overnight Hotel Torralbenc

Day 9
Camí de Cavalls

Grab your hiking boots, as today you'll follow a historic hiking trail that weaves along the entire coast of Menorca - the Camí de Cavalls. This 114-mile trail is divided into 20 stretches, offering a journey through the landscapes and natural spaces that have earned Menorca its Biosphere Reserve status. Today's adventure begins with a portion of the hike on foot, traversing spectacular landscapes and historical sites that carry the echoes of the past.

Walking along this beautiful path, you'll traverse woods, fields, and cliffs, unveiling Menorca's loveliest beaches and hidden coves.

"Camí de Cavalls" translates to the "Horse Path." The origins of this trail can be traced back to the 14th century when a royal order required the knights of Menorca to patrol the coast on horseback and defend the island. Subsequently, British and French soldiers also utilized this path for the same purpose. Over time, the original route used by these horsemen has been recovered for public use, becoming a stunning trail along the shore, completely encircling the island, accessible on foot, by bike, and, of course, on horseback.

Continuing this unique journey, you'll transition from foot to horseback. Riding on a Menorcan horse will leave you with an appreciation for the island's cultural heritage and history.
If the opportunity presents itself, your guide will take a delightful detour to the beach to ride along the sea's edge.

Overnight Hotel Torralbenc

Day 10

As your journey through Menorca draws to a close, experience the island's magnificence from a unique perspective - the deck of a traditional llaüt. A llaüt is a traditional Balearic boat with modern comforts.

From Mahón port, step aboard your llaüt and into a world of serenity, instantly disconnecting from the outside world and reconnecting with nature.

Enjoy this journey following the Menorcan coast and enjoy the views of protected coves, towering cliffs, and panoramic lighthouses that grace the shoreline.

Overnight Hotel Torralbenc

Day 11
Departure Day

After breakfast, your driver will be ready to transfer you to the airport for your international flight home.