Sample Itinerary

Day 1
Arrival in Athens

Upon arrival at the airport in Athens, your driver will be waiting to transfer you to New Hotel, a contemporary and stylish hotel in a strategic location. Spend your evening leisurely in the hotel, or roam around Athens on foot.

Overnight at New Hotel

Day 2

This morning, take a private four-hour tour to the ancient Acropolis site. You will start by walking up the marble stairs of Acropolis Hill, a path that has been used for centuries. The Acropolis is considered the most important ancient site in the Western world, with buildings constructed or rebuilt from 500 to 300 B.C. At the top, you can admire the majestic Parthenon, an iconic structure seen from almost anywhere in the city.

As part of your tour, you'll have the opportunity to visit the three-level museum, which houses an impressive collection of artifacts and exhibits, as well as the archaeological excavation located at the site's very foundations.

Overnight New Hotel

Day 3

This morning, catch a ferry to Sifnos, where your driver will be waiting for the transfer to your hotel. The peaceful surroundings of the resort and the beach are the perfect places to spend the rest of your day. Elies Resorts is a luxurious hotel complex designed with top-notch specifications and respect for traditional architecture, preserving the island's character.
It's said that Sifnos is the island of the great Greek god Apollo, and it's easy to understand why. The island is blessed with an abundance of natural beauty, which Apollo is said to have gifted to it.

Overnight Elies Resort

Day 4

If you're looking to experience the best of Sifnos, here are some of our favorite suggestions:
Gain insight into the island's rich history by hiking along one of the ancient paths the residents have used for centuries.

  • For wine enthusiasts, visiting an island winery is a must-do.
  • Join the panigyri, and watch the preparation of the traditional revithada, a mouth-watering dish that is slow-cooked in a wood oven for hours.
  • Learn how to make regional dishes during a cooking lesson in a resident's home.
  • Finally, don't forget to indulge in Sifnos's traditional, healthy, and delicious cuisine.

Overnight Elies Resort

Day 5

Today, you'll be transported to Sifnos Port for your ferry to Santorini, followed by a direct transfer to your hotel. Santorini is a uniquely beautiful island with vivid blue waters, black beaches, a massive active volcano, and outstanding sunsets.

Visit the colorful village of Oia in the northern part of Santorini, stroll through the narrow streets, shop at boutique stores, or dine at a suggested restaurant.

From your hotel, walk along the small paths leading to the Castle. This is the spot where people from all over the world come to admire the famous sunset. You will pass through churches with blue domes, whitewashed cave houses, small cafes, restaurants, and shops on the way. Later in the afternoon, you can stop at a restaurant in Oia to taste Santorini wines and have dinner under the stars.

Overnight Ikies, House of the Antiquarian

Day 6

This afternoon, meet your driver and transfer to the port, where you will board a boat for a semi-private sunset Caldera cruise. The cruise will last approximately five hours and will offer you the chance to swim, snorkel, and dine on board. During the tour, you'll visit hot springs, sail past the volcano, and take in the unique coastline and beaches while swimming at various locations. The tour's highlight is the sunset, where the sky transforms into a canvas of colors.

Overnight Ikies, House of the Antiquarian

Day 7

Prepare to be mesmerized by Santorini's astonishing landscapes and rich history on the Discover Santorini tour. This experience will take you on a journey through time, beginning with a visit to the Akrotiri excavation site, where you'll roam the ruins of the ancient city and learn about the incredible civilization preserved by the ashes of the great eruption.

Walking through the archaeological sites, you'll gain a deeper understanding of the island's fascinating history and archaeology. You'll also be able to relax and unwind on volcanic beaches and wander through small villages. In addition to these historical and cultural experiences, indulge in some of the island's culinary delights. Savor a light meal, and sample some of the finest local wines at a family-owned estate.

Overnight Ikies, House of the Antiquarian

Day 8

Today is a free day to see the beautiful island of Santorini. Here are some suggestions for your day:

  • Take a breathtaking hike along the Caldera, a volcanic rock formation that offers mesmerizing views of the island and the surrounding sea.
  • Discover the world-renowned wines of Santorini by visiting a winery and tasting some of the finest varieties produced here.
  • Unwind, and soak up the sun on Black Beach, famous for its volcanic sand and brilliant waters.
  • Witness a spectacular sunset from Akrotiri, a village that offers scenic views of the island and the Aegean Sea.
  • Indulge in a delicious lunch at a traditional restaurant in Ammoudi, a fishing village that boasts some of the freshest seafood in Santorini.

Overnight Ikies, House of the Antiquarian

Day 9

Today, your private driver will accompany you on a scenic ride to Santorini Port where you'll board a ferry to the island of Paros. As you arrive at the port, you'll be greeted with a direct transfer to your hotel — a collection of luxurious villas with private pools that offer minimalistic aesthetics and unobstructed sea views.

Paros is in the heart of the Cyclades and is renowned for its unrivaled scenery. Its attractions include beaches with glassy waters, unique Byzantine footpaths connecting traditional villages, and breathtaking landscapes.

Overnight Acron Villas

Day 10

Set off on a beach safari from Paros to the "Small Cyclades." On a private boat, visit these five exquisite, virtually uninhabited islands, and enjoy a less-visited area of the Aegean Sea.

These islands, Iraklia, Schinoussa, Ano, and Kato Koufonissi, also known as Koufonissia and Donoussa, are located south and east of Naxos. Each island has its charm, from the laid-back Iraklia to the landscapes of Schinoussa, the beautiful beaches of Koufonissia, and the scenic walks of Donoussa. While luxury amenities, shopping, and nightlife are unavailable on these islands, the food is simple yet delicious!

Overnight Acron Villas

Day 11

Paros is an incredible destination for spending free time. There are numerous activities to engage in, and the following suggestions will help you make the most of your time:

  • Take a stroll in Naousa's old port, steeped in history and culture.
  • Visit some of the most famous beaches in Paros, such as Kolympithres, Marcallo, and Faragas.
  • You can also visit the traditional village of Lefkes and indulge in the regional cuisine.
  • Don't forget to visit the Panagia Ekatontapiliani church — a lovely and historic church that is a must-see in Paros.

Overnight Acron Villas

Day 12

Begin your day by meeting your driver in the hotel lobby and traveling to Paros Port. There, you'll board a ferry that will transport you to the island of Mykonos. A true gem of the Aegean Sea, Mykonos is famous for its photogenic, whitewashed windmills; quaint chapels; and warm sandy beaches. The island's unique Cycladic architectural style is a feast for the eyes, and it's easy to get lost in the maze of narrow alleys and hidden churches. When you arrive at your hotel, you can settle in and relax before heading out to find the island's many delights. Mykonos is renowned for its nightlife, endless entertainment, and mouth-watering delicacies.

As evening approaches, go to Hóra, where you can admire the whitewashed houses, colorful bougainvilleas, and hidden churches that dot the landscape. Be sure to visit the famous windmills and Little Venice at sunset, when the light is most magical.

If you're in the mood for some shopping or a night out on the town, Matogianni Street is the place to be. For a truly unforgettable experience, make your way to Caprice Bar, where you can sip a delicious cocktail while soaking up the island's unique atmosphere.

Overnight Mykonos Blu

Day 13

Board your private boat, and set off to the nearby island of Tinos! Start your journey in the morning from Mykonos, and sail for 30 minutes until you reach Tinos. If you are lucky, you might encounter a pod of dolphins racing in front of your boat.

Continue sailing along the magnificent south coast of the island, and enjoy the breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea and Syros Island. Let the wind guide you to the tranquil and secluded Kalyvia Beach, where you can take a refreshing dip in the azure-blue water and feel the sun's warmth on your skin. You can also sip on a refreshing cocktail while relaxing under the cool shade of the beach trees.

After unwinding on the beach, head to Ysternia Bay for a traditional seafood lunch at one of the suggested restaurants. While indulging in the mouth-watering delicacies, you can also admire magnificent views of the bay.

Overnight Mykonos Blu

Day 14

Start your morning off by indulging in a delicious breakfast before heading out to see the beaches of Mykonos Island. With an array of famous beach clubs, you're sure to find the perfect spot to relax, soak up the sun, and enjoy the warm water. Whether you’re looking for a lively party scene or a more tranquil and secluded setting, Mykonos Island has something for everyone.

Overnight Mykonos Blu

Day 15
Departure Day

Following breakfast, you'll be transferred to Mykonos Airport for your return flight to Athens, where you'll catch your international flight home.