Sample Itinerary

Day 1
Arrival in Mumbai

Upon your arrival at Mumbai International Airport, you will be greeted by our representative, who will assist you and accompany you to your hotel.

Originally comprised of seven fishing islands, Mumbai has developed into a vibrant city, home to people from various backgrounds, cultures, lifestyles and beliefs. This diversity has made it one of the world's great centers of commerce and creativity, attracting people from around the world. Mumbai is also renowned for its energetic nightlife, Bollywood scene, colorful festivals and beautiful beaches.

Day 2

Dive straight into your India adventure with a guided tour that offers five distinct experiences, providing various perspectives of the city. This insightful tour includes a historical walk through Mumbai's colonial precinct, featuring iconic landmarks such as the Gateway of India, Victoria Terminus, the Taj Mahal Palace, and the Yacht Club.

Additionally, participate in a joyful Bollywood dance workshop, savor a delicious lunch, awaken your senses at the Mumbai Spice Market, and visit an NGO to engage with and support the local community.

Day 3
Sasan Gir

In the morning, your driver will take you to Mumbai airport, where you will board a one-hour flight to Diu. Upon arrival in Diu, you will be picked up and transferred 3.5 hours to Sasan Gir. The rest of today is to relax and enjoy your accommodation's amenities.

Gir National Park is home to the majestic Asiatic lion and is one of Asia's most important protected areas. Once seen across large parts of India, these lions find their sole sanctuary outside Africa in Gir. The park has seven perennial streams and four reservoirs, creating a diverse ecosystem that supports various mammals, birds, reptiles, and insects. In addition to its wildlife, Gir also offers farm-to-table experiences, allowing visitors to enjoy dishes made from fresh, organic produce.

Day 4
Sasan Gir

Experience the exhilaration of morning and afternoon jeep safaris as you navigate the natural habitat of the Asiatic lion. Traverse the stunning landscape with the chance to witness these magnificent creatures in their element.

Day 5
Sasan Gir

Today, you have the unique opportunity to visit a Maldhari family at their village home and witness firsthand how closely the Asiatic lions share their natural habitat with the surrounding communities. The Maldharis, who belong to a traditionally nomadic herder community, have coexisted harmoniously with these lions for generations.

Enjoy another Jeep safari in the afternoon amidst the breathtaking landscape. Alternatively, take a guided nature walk for a deeper connection with the wilderness.

Day 6

This morning, your private driver will accompany you on a scenic four-hour drive to Gondal. Later in the day, learn about Gondal's rich history and culture by visiting the Naulakha Palace and the Swaminarayan Temple. The Naulakha Palace, built in the 17th century, showcases a blend of Rajput and European architectural styles and was once the residence of the crown prince.

Back at the hotel, visit the impressive private Vintage Classic Car collection at the Royal Garages.

Gondal served as the capital of an independent princely state ruled by the Jadeja dynasty for more than 300 years. The city's illustrious past comes to life in its remarkable architecture and cultural heritage. Today, Gondal seamlessly combines its historical allure with modern development. Grand palaces and the well-preserved royal court complex offer a glimpse into the lives of Gondal's royal heritage.

Day 7

In the morning, set off on a scenic 5-hour drive to Little Rann of Kutch. Once you arrive, check-in at your resort and relax for the evening.

The vast salt marsh of Little Rann of Kutch is considered "little" at nearly 1930 square miles! The expansive, arid plains were once part of the Arabian Sea and were separated by geological forces. It is home to the endangered Indian wild ass (Khur), and the conservation efforts have earned it the distinction of Indian Wild Ass Sanctuary. On village visits, you’ll discover the simple yet colorful lifestyle of the local communities as well as their vivid traditional textiles and crafts.

Day 8

Today, delve into the extraordinary ecosystem of the Little Rann of Kutch's salt desert on morning and afternoon jeep safaris. Venture through this unique landscape for a chance to spot desert-dwelling predators such as the Indian wolf, desert fox, and hyena. Additionally, you might catch glimpses of majestic mammals that roam and graze amidst the sparse vegetation, including the antelope-like nilgai.

The Little Rann of Kutch serves as a sanctuary for various migratory birds, from flamingoes and pelicans to cranes and ducks. It's a truly exceptional opportunity to witness the rich biodiversity of this region.

Day 9
Mount Abu

This morning, your private driver will take you on a picturesque 6-hour journey north to Mt. Abu in Rajasthan. During the drive, you can stop to see the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Rani Ki Vav, also known as 'The Queen's Stepwell.' This architectural masterpiece dates back to the 11th century in Patan, Gujarat. It was covered in silt and remained hidden until its rediscovery in the 1940s, revealing its intricate design and engineering marvel.

Upon reaching Mount Abu, take some time to visit the magnificent Delwara Jain Temples. These ancient temples, constructed over five centuries from the 11th to the 16th century, boast intricate and elaborate architectural designs, making them a significant landmark in Jain history.

The plateau of Mount Abu stands tall above the arid plains of Rajasthan, creating an oasis adorned with rivers, waterfalls, and lush forests. Serving as the sole hill station in the state, Mount Abu is revered as a sacred pilgrimage site for both Hindus and Jains. The region has numerous temples carved into rock clefts or constructed from exquisite marble stones. Adding to its allure, a 14th-century fort enveloping a panoramic lake also captivates visitors with its historical and architectural significance.

Day 10

On the drive from Jodhpur to Narlai, you'll be treated to a scenic journey that takes around 3 hours. Upon arrival, you'll have the entire afternoon to relax and enjoy at your own pace.

Narlai is a serene haven where residents lead a life deeply intertwined with the natural world. The rugged terrain of the Godwad countryside provides a wildlife sanctuary, while the undulating landscape fosters a deep bond between the village community and the land. This connection with nature has profoundly shaped their beliefs and daily customs.

Day 11

During morning and afternoon safaris, you can venture into the rugged Godwad countryside in search of elusive leopards.

Day 12

In the early morning, start your day with a refreshing walk to Elephant Rock's summit, named after the 12-foot elephant statue at the top. Afterward, head back to the hotel for a delicious breakfast. Later in the day, stroll to the nearby village and finally, in the evening, enjoy a memorable dinner at the historic 16th-century Baoli, also known as Stepwell.

Day 13

Start your day early for the 4-hour drive to Shahpura. Upon arrival, head to your hotel to check in for a restful day. Later in the evening, indulge in a memorable experience by enjoying a sundowner at a 400-year-old private fort offering 360-degree countryside views.

Shahpura, founded in 1729 AD, holds great historical significance as the seat of the Shekhawat Rajput Clan and the former capital of the Old Amarsar-Manorharpur line of Shekhawats. Shahpura Bagh, located on 45 acres of picturesque land surrounded by serene lakes, is a charming boutique estate homestay. Managed by a warm and welcoming family, this hidden gem offers a fascinating understanding of the traditional Rajasthani way of life.

Day 14

While staying at Shahpura Bagh, you will have numerous experiences to enjoy. Begin the day with a bird-watching walk guided by a trained naturalist, or take a private excursion to the nearby lakes in vintage jeeps. A short drive will bring you to the village of Dhikhola to visit its fort or gain some cultural insights at the ancient Ram Dwara temple and the old city palace.

For a more relaxing stay, guided yoga sessions and acupressure by the pool are available. Evenings can be spent boating on private lakes, observing wildfowl, and soaking in the serene environment.

Day 15

Today, take a scenic drive to Ranthambore and enjoy the afternoon unwinding.

Once a hunting ground for Maharajas, it is now home to a thriving population of tigers. The area is dotted with the remnants of a crumbling fort, surrounded by picturesque villages and numerous watering holes. In 1973, it was one of India’s initial wildlife sanctuaries to be included in Project Tiger, marking its official status as a protected forest.

Day 16

Surround yourself with Ranthambore's natural beauty during morning and afternoon jeep safaris. Look for the majestic Bengal tiger, as well as other endemic wildlife such as the common leopard, nilgai or blue bull antelope, wild boar, sambar, hyena, sloth bear, gray langur, rhesus macaque, and chital. Search for the diverse birdlife and reptiles that inhabit the numerous watering holes throughout the park.

Day 17

Begin your day with another exciting jeep safari in the park. Following the safari, indulge in a delightful breakfast back at the lodge and enjoy a leisurely morning or take a nature walk.

In the afternoon, your guide will accompany you to Dhonk Craft. This wonderful community-based initiative provides valuable training and employment opportunities to members of former poachers' families and local villagers. This visit will help you appreciate the positive impact of this sustainable initiative on wildlife conservation and community development.

Day 18
Departure Day

After one final delicious breakfast, you will be picked up and transferred to Jaipur airport to catch a flight to Mumbai or Delhi. From there, you will connect to your international flight back home.