Sample Itinerary

Day 1

Welcome to the Seychelles! Upon arrival in Mahé you will be be met by a hotel representative and checked into your charter flight to Alphonse Island. Watch the striking blue waves and scattered atolls zip by from the window of the plane as you approach Alphonse Island. A remote corner of paradise, the island houses only one resort with secluded beach bungalows giving guests a wonderfully private luxury experience.

Each bungalow provides bikes, kayaks, paddleboards, snorkeling gear, and numerous other amenities for guests to enjoy. Spend the remainder of the afternoon relaxing, riding your bike around the island, or simply unwinding on the beach. At dinnertime, the kitchen will bring around a spectacular feast to your bungalow which you may enjoy from the comfort of your private veranda.

Overnight Alphonse Island Beach Bungalow

Day 2

Enjoy a fresh and delicious breakfast this morning as the sun begins to warm the island and the marine life begins to stir. Return to your bungalow to digest and change into your swimsuits before meeting up with your talented snorkeling guide. Grab your gear and head out to the reefs where tropical fish laze about the coral and sea turtles ride the currents. Search for giant clams embedded in the reefs and track harmless schools of reef sharks as they nibble on the coral.

Emerge from the water in time for a delicious lunch. Served at the hotel’s spectacular restaurant, the delicious food and cool drinks are a perfect way to refresh after a long morning in the sun. Return to your bungalow to see it transformed into a luxurious spa setting. Invigorate your skin and relax your mind with a splendid couple’s massage courtesy of the hotel’s spa professionals. Spend the rest of the afternoon relaxing or taking advantage of the many amenities before dinner. Sundowners are served every evening on the beach and are a fabulous opportunity to socialize and meet other guests.

Overnight Alphonse Island Beach Bungalow

Day 3

Be sure to eat a big breakfast this morning as you will spend a few hours traversing the island with a naturalist in search of turtle nests. Each expedition is designed by the Island Conservation Center with the goal of involving guests in their many conservation projects. You may assist guides with sea turtle nest monitoring, giant tortoise observations, vegetation surveys, or a number of other projects.

After a hot morning in the sun, head down to the beach for the hotel’s signature “flats lunch.” This delicious buffet is set up in knee-deep water with a bar and reclining beach chairs. Enjoy a cool drink as you let the gentle ocean ripples wash over your legs. This afternoon you have the option to take a scuba lesson or a fly fishing lesson. Both activities are led by fascinating guides and are remarkable experiences.

Watch the sunset from your bungalow before heading down to dinner.

Overnight Alphonse Island Beach Bungalow

Day 4

Join a marine biologist on an exciting reef flats expedition this morning! Stroll along in the shallow water helping them record observations for the conservancy’s biodiversity survey. This is a fantastic way to help researchers determine the health of the ecosystem and monitor migration patterns.

After lunch spend the afternoon at your leisure. Perhaps take your kayaks on a gentle paddle around the island, or hop onto a stand up paddle board for some fun in the surf. Enjoy another delicious dinner served at your bungalow.

Overnight Alphonse Island Beach Bungalow

Day 5

Spend today relaxing on the beach, reading by the pool, or enjoying the many complimentary activities at the hotel. Soak your worries away in the warm ocean or briskly hike any number of the walking trails around the island.

This evening you’ll be treated to a very special dining experience. Your veranda will be transformed into a romantic candlelit restaurant and a one of the hotel’s world class chefs will set up a gourmet kitchen on the beach. Explore the unique flavors of the island along with exemplary wine pairings and personalized butler service on this culinary adventure. Watch the setting sun reflect off the water in ribbons of orange and pink as your romantic evening concludes.

Overnight Alphonse Island Beach Bungalow

Day 6

After breakfast join a marine biologist for another special snorkeling experience. Jump on a boat and head out towards more remote reefs in search of manta rays. These graceful creatures soar through the shallows in search of tiny fish and plankton to nibble on. Slip into your gear and follow the guide into their feeding grounds. Harmless to humans, these blanket-like animals gracefully move about toe coral and zip between the narrows right before your eyes. Each manta has a unique color pattern that helps scientists identify them. Spend three hours exploring and learning about the unique ocean ecosystem from the incredibly knowledgeable biologist.

Return to the flats for another special lunch before heading back to your bungalow for another afternoon of leisure. Dinner is served tonight in the restaurant.

Overnight Alphonse Island Beach Bungalow

Day 7

Spend the day at your leisure and take in everything you can before your departure tomorrow. You can spend the day soaking in the peaceful island atmosphere or book extra activities at the front desk.

This evening you’ll climb aboard your private boat for a spectacular sunset cruise around the island. Enjoy delicious beverages and canapés as you slowly drift across the sparkling water. Disembark in time for another marvelous dinner.

Overnight Alphonse Island Beach Bungalow

Day 8

Wave goodbye to the island today as you board your charter flight back to Mahé with wonderful memories of your time on Alphonse. Connect with your flight home in Mahé.