Days: 8

Dates: November - February

Start & Finish: Antigua, Guatemala

Group Size: 10-50 people

Accommodation: 4-star hotels, campsites

Total Miles Covered: 20 miles

Elevation Gain: 13,845 ft

Physical Rating: 3.5/5

Embark on an eight day physically demanding, cultural enriching journey in Guatemala, a country with incredible cultural and geographic diversity.

Known for ancient Mayan temples, Spanish colonial cities, cloud-covered highland villages and vibrant Caribbean towns, Guatemala has it all. Experience its rich landscapes of spewing volcanoes, calm rivers, breathtaking cloud forests and uninhabited jungles. What really makes this country unique is its people and culture.

Home to 21 Mayan groups and the Garifuna people, Guatemala remains rooted in its history and culture with elements of modernization and globalism woven in.