Days: 9

Dates: October - April (October & November are best)

Start & Finish: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Group Size: 10-20 people

Accommodation: 4-star hotels, campsites

Total Miles Covered: 54.3 miles

Physical Rating: 4/5

Simien Mountains National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is one of the best places to trek in Ethiopia. Violent volcanic eruptions created the mountains nearly 40 million years ago, and to this day, the mountains are known for their uniquely dramatic geography. The rocky terrain and jagged valleys that shape the mountain’s hiking paths require a high level of physical agility. Due to its breathtaking and vast landscape, many compare the beauty of the Simien Mountains with that of the Grand Canyon. The route that we will take is the most established route in the park and includes summiting Ras Dashen, the highest peak in Ethiopia at 4,533m (14,938 feet).

The trek will be assisted by up to 20 mules and local mule men who will carry all the camping gear, cooking gear, luggage, food and water. Travelers will carry a daypack for water (3-liters), extra layers, rain gear, hat, sunglasses, insect repellant and other personal items on the trek. The mule owners and mule men are part of an association that contracts with the National Park to assist trekkers and helps support the protection of the park. This partnership is an essential part of economic development through tourism for the Amhara people, Ethiopia’s second largest ethnic group.