Sample Itinerary

Day 1
Arrive in Panama City

Touch down at Tocumen International Airport, where you will be welcomed by an Elevate Destinations representative who will accompany you to your hotel in Panama City for the next four nights.

The iconic and renowned Central Hotel is nestled in the Old Town of Casco Antiguo, a World Heritage Site. Since its opening in 1874, it has been regarded as an architectural treasure and holds a special place in history as the first hotel in Panama. Facing the picturesque Plaza de la Independencia, this exquisite building has long attracted travelers from all corners of the globe. It stands tall today as a testament to its illustrious past.

After a moment to settle in, it's time to head off on a half-day guided walking tour, which you can do either in the morning or afternoon.

Take a journey through history as your trip brings to life the old city compound, Casco Antiguo. Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, this district dates back to the late 1600s, and it is enveloped with picturesque colonial houses, narrow alleys and impressive churches. With a guide at your side, see the unique sites of interest in the area, like The Flat Arch, Cathedral, Las Bovedas and French Plaza, while they shed light on Panama's early history.

Overnight Hotel Central

Day 2
Soberania National Park

Early this morning, you will meet your guide in the hotel lobby to embark on an adventure to Soberania National Park. Exchange bustling cityscapes for rainforest-laden landscapes as you leave Panama City and pass Fort Clayton, Miraflores, and Pedro Miguel Locks before entering the National Park.

Set out on a boat tour across Gatun Lake in the Panama Canal to explore the abundant wildlife and rainforest-covered islands. As you glide through the water, keep your eyes peeled for green iguanas, ospreys, snail kites, and other animals native to this area. Perhaps you'll be lucky enough to spot intriguing species such as mantled howler monkey, white-faced capuchin or Geoffroy’s tamarin on your voyage. Afterward, go ashore and join your guide for a spectacular hike along one of the trails in the lush forest.

Overnight Hotel Central

Day 3
El Corotu

Start your day bright and early as you are collected from your hotel and taken to El Corotu on the shore of Madden Lake. Board a motorized piragua (dugout canoe), and set off for an incredible ride to an Embera indigenous village to experience their culture for a day.

The expansive 320,000-acre Chagres National Park is the ideal backdrop to view stunning avian species such as the little blue and green heron, great egret, anhinga, neotropical cormorant, green kingfishers, and ospreys soaring overhead.

Upon arriving in the Embera village, you will be welcomed with the vibrance of their traditional dancing and music. Learn more about the intriguing customs of the Embera, their intimate bond with nature, and their exceptional artistic capabilities. Embera artisans are world-renowned for their craftsmanship, especially their colorful baskets and masks, as well as the delicately carved wooden pieces from cocobolo and tagua.

You will have the chance to purchase one of these fine handcrafts and be adorned with jagua - a natural dye used for body art. After a delicious traditional lunch, make your way back to Panama City with your guide.

Overnight Hotel Central

Day 4
Portobelo National Park

Begin your day with a two-hour trip to the Afro-Caribbean city of Portobelo in the province of Colon. The first leg of your excursion will involve a 30-minute boat ride along the shore to a hidden white sand beach known as "Playa Blanca." Once there, you'll have up to an hour to wander through the surrounding tropical forest and observe the native wildlife with your guide.

Afterward, make your way back to the beach, where you can bask in the sun and swim in the pristine waters for a couple of hours, snorkeling around the reef. Depending on the weather and your preferences, you can opt for more snorkeling at a couple of different locations as you return to Portobelo.

Overnight Hotel Central

Day 5

Today you will be transferred to Albrook Airport for your 45-minute flight to David. On arrival, your private driver will be waiting to transfer you to Boquete.

In Boquete, take a unique journey through one of the local coffee plantations and uncover the fascinating process of how coffee is made. As you wander the coffee fields, learn more about the plants and the harvest process of the beans. Your tour will conclude in a memorable experience, of course, as you sip a fresh cup of the final product before being transferred to your accommodation.

Panama's first introduction to coffee happened in the early 19th century when it was brought to Boquete due to the ideal climate. The elevation, coastal breezes, and volcanic soil of the Baru Volcano created the perfect conditions for the beans to unlock their aromatic potential.

Overnight Hotel Panamonte

Day 6
Baru Volcano National Park

Today you can enjoy the wonders of nature at Lost Waterfalls, a private reserve situated on the border of Baru Volcano National Park. On this tour, you'll encounter breathtaking cloud forests and three majestic waterfalls.

As you trek alongside the Quebrada La Mina, take a moment to appreciate the plethora of tropical birds. There's also a small cave that can be explored along the way. The 2.5-hour trail can be a bit challenging at times, especially in the wetter months, with the possibility of slippery, muddy sections. Depending on the season, you might even have the opportunity to take a dip in a naturally formed pool.

Overnight Hotel Panamonte

Day 7
Boca Chica

Your Panama vacation reaches its grand finale with a journey to the breathtakingly beautiful Isla Palenque Resort. An unparalleled 400-acre, private tropical paradise in the Gulf of Chiriqui, this magnificent island is brimming with ancient and natural wonders to discover.

Unpack your bags in a luxury beachfront casita tucked away in the palm trees, just 80 feet from the gorgeous Playa Palenque beach. During your stay, you can indulge in daily meals of local flavors and energizing non-alcoholic beverages. Enjoy an island orientation and take advantage of in-house guided activities and access to kayak and paddleboard equipment.

Every casita includes a private garden, daybed and beach hammock, binoculars, field guides, yoga mat, block, and meditation cushion to ensure your comfort and relaxation. Soak in the unforgettable Isla Palenque experience and return home rejuvenated.

Overnight Hotel Isla Palenque Resort

Day 8
Boca Chica

After a picturesque hour-long voyage from the mainland, the Islas Secas Archipelago greets you. Here, seven major and seven minor islands, surrounded by clear waters, form a paradise for wildlife enthusiasts and naturalists alike. Be prepared to witness firsthand the abundance of marine wildlife in the Gulf of Chiriqui. Schools of tropical fish, rays, sea turtles and dolphins are all commonly seen in the area.

Overnight Hotel Isla Palenque Resort

Day 9
Departure Day

Take a flight from David Airport to Panama City for your international flight home, concluding an incredible Panama adventure!