Days: 7

Dates: Late May, early June, and late August/early September

Start & Finish: Marrakech, Morocco

Group Size: 10-20 travelers

Accommodation: 5-star hotels, tents during the trek

Total Miles Covered: 20.5 miles

Physical Rating: 2.5/5

Take an adventure on the road less traveled and summit the tallest peak in North Africa; Mount Toubkal in the Atlas Mountains of southwestern Morocco. Known as the Roof of North Africa, many call Toubkal the sister of Mount Kilimanjaro. Hikers are challenged with the high altitude of the mountains, trekking through narrow paths of jagged terrain to reach the peak. Upon reaching the summit, travelers will have spectacular views of the Sahara Desert on the east and the Atlantic Ocean on the west.

Throughout this journey, travelers will experience the vibrant Moroccan culture as they step into the colorful sights and alluring aromas of the bustling city, Marrakesh, and Berber villages in the mountains. Marrakech is an enchanting city filled with narrow, windy alleys and exotic souks (local markets) designed like one massive maze, destined to be explored through all of your senses.