Sample Itinerary

Day 1
Arrival in Tokyo

After landing at one of Tokyo’s two international airports, your private driver will transport you into the heart of the city to give you a first glimpse into the maze of modernity that is Japan’s capital. This is the staging ground for the first step on your path towards inner peace. After all, how can you appreciate the silence if you don’t understand the noise?

Hotel K5 was designed by Stolkholm-based Claesson Koivisto Rune — a design partnership of three architects. It features just twenty guest rooms, each ranging from 20~80 square meters. Located in east Tokyo, guests have great access to sites like Ginza, Asakusa, Tsukiji, and Kuramae.

Overnight Hotel K5

Day 2

Behind the towering skyscrapers and bustling train stations, Tokyo is filled with hidden oases of calm and spirituality. Your journey begins with a morning visit to the peaceful grounds of Nezu Shrine, where a Shinto priest will bless your travels to come. From there, stroll the picturesque pathways of a nearby Japanese garden before diving headfirst into the lights, sounds, and colors of Harajuku and Shibuya.

Overnight Hotel K5

Day 3

In the morning, learn how to make sushi during a VIP visit to Toyosu Fish Market.

Your afternoon is left entirely open as an opportunity to explore Tokyo on your own and find inspiration in this dynamic city. Visit the famous Tsukiji fish market to sample more local flavors, lose yourself amongst the glitz and glamor of Ginza, or marvel at a powerful Buddhist fire ceremony complete with a towering bonfire and thunderous taiko drumming. Whatever your interests, Tokyo will meet your expectations and then exceed them.

Overnight Hotel K5

Day 4
Tokyo to Kaga Onsen (stop in Kanazawa)

Spend the day exploring Kanazawa, the crown jewel of the Hokuriku region. After arriving by bullet train from Tokyo, delve into the history of this charming city with a private guide. Explore bustling markets, geisha districts, and one of Japan’s most celebrated landscape gardens before traveling on to the forested village of Kaga Onsen. Hot spring baths, sumptuous meals, and uninterrupted relaxation await as you check into a luxurious ‘ryokan’ inn - this is the ultimate expression of Japanese hospitality and your home for the next two nights.

Beniya Mukayu is a modern ryokan with 16 rooms situated around a private moss garden. Guests are encouraged to take advantage of the property's libraries, baths, and spa to disconnect from the world around them. The interior design of the hotel was influenced by the architect, Kiyoshi Sey Takeyama, and graphic designer, Kenya Hara, who most famously worked with the international Japanese lifestyle brand, Muji. Still the ryokan retains tradition by inviting guests to wear yukata around and enjoy an exquisite kaiseki meal in their modern dining room.

Overnight Beniya Mukayu

Day 5
Kaga Onsen

Express your creativity with a relaxed morning visit to a local ‘washi’ paper maker. At her countryside home, she’ll guide you through the surprisingly soothing, almost meditative process of turning simple wood fibers into sheets of rustic and versatile paper.

The afternoon is yours to spend as you see fit, exploring nearby river gorges and pottery museums, or luxuriating in one of the area’s many natural hot spring baths.

Overnight Beniya Mukayu

Day 6
Kaga Onsen to Kyoto (stop at Eiheiji Temple)

Explore the region’s treasured Zen temple, Eiheiji. Step back in time as you walk along ancient covered walkways, and find beauty in the simplicity of the monks’ humble living quarters. After lunch, board an express train to Kyoto and enjoy views of the pastoral countryside scenery and of Biwako, Japan’s largest lake. Arrive in Kyoto and use your free afternoon to start exploring the winding paths of the ancient capital. As dusk falls, enter the traditional home of a tea master for a private tea ceremony lit only by candlelight.

Housed in a former tea house, SOWAKA is a small luxury hotel with only 23 guest rooms, each individually designed. It is excellently located in Gion and provides a quiet space for guests to relax after a day of touring. They also boast a Michelin-starred restaurant called La Bombance.

Overnight SOWAKA

Day 7

Overlooking the serene garden of a temple in the historic geisha district of Gion, monks of the Rinzai sect of Zen Buddhism will teach you the technique of “zazen” meditation in this hour-long, spiritual experience. After explaining the history and philosophy of Zen, the monk will guide you in two 10-minute meditation sessions, helping you achieve a heightened sense of peace and spirituality.

After, visit Otagi Nenbutsuji Temple. It is one of Kyoto’s hidden gems due to its isolated location and a unique display of Buddhist art. For lunch, you will try traditional Buddhist vegetarian cuisine, and take a walk through Arashiyama’s iconic bamboo forest before exploring some nearby hidden sites.

Overnight SOWAKA

Day 8
Kyoto to Shima

In Shinto mythology, the Ise Peninsula is the earthly home of the gods. They chose this region for its natural beauty, isolation, and healing power. You’ll be visiting for the same reasons. Enjoy two nights at Amanemu, Japan’s premier luxury spa resort, located on a beautiful strip of coastal paradise.

Located in Ise-Shima National Park, Amanemu combines traditional Japanese aesthetics with modern luxury, offering serene accommodations and a renowned spa. Guests can enjoy private onsen baths, rejuvenating treatments, and exquisite cuisine with access to a very culturally-rich area of Japan based around the sea.

Overnight Amanemu

Day 9

Discover the rich culture and stunning scenery of Mie Prefecture's coast with a local expert by private boat. This tailored full day tour showcases the area's highlights and introduces you to the culture of Ama divers who specialize in freediving to depths of around 30 feet (10 m). Your knowledgeable guide will introduce you to some of the most popular divers in the area and the market which auctions their seafood. End your tour on Masakijima Island, only accessible by boat.

The afternoon is just for relaxing at Amanemu in whatever way you choose. Explore the grounds, indulge in a decadent spa treatment, or simply relax in your suite room overlooking the peaceful bay. The goal is relaxation, pure and simple.

Overnight Amanemu

Day 10
Shima to Tokyo

Return to Tokyo by train and use your final evening in Japan for last-minute shopping, sightseeing, or one more sushi dinner. For those who prefer to depart from Osaka’s Kansai International Airport, alternative arrangements are possible.

Overnight Hotel K5

Day 11
Departure from Tokyo

With your journey completed and your heart full, gather the meaningful lessons you’ve uncovered in Japan and build upon these going forward in life. Private transportation to the airport for your return home is included.