Days: 6

Dates: March-June, September-November

Start & Finish: St. George, Utah

Group Size: 10

Accommodation: 3-star hotel, guided backpacking and camping

Total Miles Covered: 30 miles

Physical Rating: 4/5

Step into a remote, natural, wild frontier on this charity challenge. This trip explores the unspoiled terrain of Grand Staircase National Monument. By venturing into this stunning region of Utah, you will be able to experience its unique, undulating terrain and brilliant sandstone features. It is an outstanding biological expanse, spanning five life-zones - from low-lying desert to coniferous forest.

Established in 1902, this route was the original link between the remote town of Boulder and the outside world. Settlers would traverse this entire trek with all of their provisions and belongings in tow. Taking you back into simpler times and accounting for this trail’s name, a large portion of the route follows an old telephone line that allowed for communication between Boulder and the outside world via a hand-operated switchboard in Escalante.

However, pioneers weren’t the only ones with history on this route - along the Escalante River section of the trip, you can find petroglyphs and ancient dwellings of the Fremont People - rough contemporaries of the Anasazi tribe.

This unique backcountry challenge will leave participants in awe of this magnificent landscape.