Dining for Women: Guatemala

Dates: October 26 - November 2, 2018

Cost: $2,750 in shared accommodation (Single supplement: $250)

COUNTRY: Guatemala

PARTICIPANTS: Incredible DFW members

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It is mind boggling to witness how much cultural and geographic diversity can fit into one small country, which is why many consider Guatemala to be a must-see destination. It’s home to everything from ancient Mayan temples and Spanish colonial cities to cloud-shrouded highland villages and vibrant Caribbean towns. There are sky-high volcanoes, winding rivers, remote cloud forests, and vast swaths of untamed jungle. But what truly makes this country unique is its indigenous people — including 21 Mayan groups and the Garífuna people — whose distinctive cultures, languages, and centuries-old traditions continue to thrive today. This trip will provide a unique opportunity to connect with the beauty of Guatemala, its culture, and those striving to provide stepping stones to bring about a better life for the women and girls who live there.

Dining for Women has supported 10 grassroots organizations in Guatemala. This investment is deeply needed as Guatemala is ranked third-lowest on gender equality in Latin America. Over 40% of indigenous girls are married before the age of 18; only 1% of girls go on to university; and Guatemala has the third-highest rate of violence-related fatalities among women in the world. The reality that women and girls face in Guatemala is sobering, but this trip will also show you the inspiration behind new solutions and possibilities that are emerging for females. Meet with three Dining for Women grantees that are facing these issues head on with amazing results. Dining for Women invites you to explore this amazing and complex country and connect with the work you are supporting there.