Women in Bhutan: Past, Present, Future

Dates: June 8 - 17, 2019

Length: 10 days/9 nights

Cost: $4,975 in shared accommodation (Single supplement: $350)


PARTICIPANTS: Incredible DFW members

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Matrilineal traditions are longstanding in Bhutan, and as a result, Bhutanese women have a fairly empowered standing in society. However, Bhutan still has its share of gender disparity and challenges. With only a handful of elected women parliamentarians and women leaders in the civil service and private sector, Bhutan still has a long way to go to achieve gender equity. This trip offers a holistic view of the cultural and traditional evolution of women’s roles at home and in public spaces. You will have a chance to explore how these roles have changed due to modernization and democracy in relation to the country’s guiding philosophy of Gross National Happiness (GNH).

READ Global was DFW’s Featured Grantee in August 2017. It was the first grant awarded to an organization operating in Bhutan. DFW’s grant provides training in literacy, leadership, financial literacy, and livelihood skills such as weaving and beekeeping. It also helps women form savings cooperatives to start and upgrade their businesses. The trip will include visits to READ Global’s operations throughout the region and the opportunity to interact and volunteer with the women.