Sample Itinerary

Day 1
Arrival to Paro

After arrival at Paro International Airport, you will be met by your guide and driver, who will bring you to a local temple where you will receive a blessing for your journey ahead.

Then, you will explore the local market in Paro and select a gift for the local farming family you will meet for dinner at their home. In the evening, you will get to speak with the family about their approach to climate change and how it has affected them.

Overnight Uma COMO Valley View, Paro

Day 2
Drive to Haa Valley

Today you will drive to Haa Valley, and will participate in the Haa Summer Festival (July) or take a nature walk.

Later, you will visit a community forest project and learn about sustainable forest management.

In the evening, you will be transported to a luxurious camp, all created for you onsite to enjoy this special evening. During your night here, you may be treated to:

  • Learning about local flora/fauna species with a forest ranger (contributes to training guide rangers)
  • Personalized astrology readings under the stars with a reincarnated monk
  • Sacred dances and folkloric songs by performers from the largest festivals
  • Bonfire and Bhutanese whiskey tasting
  • Traditional Bhutanese games (archery and darts)

Overnight at the camp, Haa

Day 3
Visit Thimpu and Chorten

In the morning, you will drive to Thimphu and visit the National Memorial Chorten, which is an iconic landmark for the capital city and the site for some of its best people watching.

You will also get a chance to learn about Bhutan's climate policies and strategies, when you visit the National Environment Commission.

Finally, you will see the massive Buddha Dordenma statue and learn about the environmental benefits of building it.

Overnight Zhiwaling Ascent, Thimphu

Day 4
Hike the Takin Trail

Today you will hike to the Takin Trail, and plant saplings to restore degraded forests before enjoying a picnic lunch.

Later, you will have the choice to choose from one of the following:

Option 1: Visit the Renewable Natural Resources Research and Development Center and learn about sustainable agriculture practices

Option 2: Learn about Bhutan's hydropower projects and their role in climate resilience at the Bhutan Electricity Authority

Overnight Zhiwaling Ascent, Thimphu

Day 5
Visit the Bhutan Ecological Society

This morning, you get to visit the Bhutan Ecological Society and learn about their climate education and advocacy work.

After, you can either enjoy resting or exploring on your own for the remainder of the day, or you can visit a local glacier monitoring station and learn about the impacts of climate change on glaciers.

Overnight Zhiwaling Ascent, Thimphu

Day 6
Drive to Punakha

After a drive to Punakha, you will visit Dochula Pass and learn about Bhutan's high altitude ecosystems.

In Punakha, you will visit Punakha Dzong and learn about its role in water resource management.

Later, you will learn about Bhutan's traditional water mills and their role in sustainable rural livelihoods.

Overnight Dhensa Boutique Hotel & Spa, Punakha

Day 7
Hike, raft, and take a cooking class

Today you will hike to Khamsum Yulley Namgyal Chorten in Punakha, before visiting the Punakha Winter Vegetables Project and learning about high-altitude vegetable cultivation.

In the afternoon, you will have lunch and a cooking lesson at a traditional farmhouse in Punakha.

You will end the day with some gentle rafting on the Mo Chhu River (~1hr), before an evening stroll through Punakha town

Overnight Dhensa Boutique Hotel & Spa, Punakha

Day 8
Explore Temples and Sustainable Agriculture

Today you will drive back to Paro and visit Kyichu Lhakhang, one of the oldest temples in Bhutan.

You will then visit Dr. Karma’s farm, to learn about sustainable agriculture practices.

In the afternoon, you will be treated to a traditional Herbal consultation and spa service (for the parents), while your kids try their hand (supervised) at Bhutanese pottery or the traditional games of darts or archery.

Overnight at Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary, Paro

Day 9
Hike to the iconic Tiger’s Nest

In the morning, you will hike to the iconic Tiger's Nest (Paro Taktsang) temple, which is a place of great spiritual significance for the Bhutanese people. Lunch will be served as a picnic during your hike.

In the evening, you’ll visit a temple to offer prayers with the monks, while you light butter lamps and make aspirations for the benefit of our shared future.

Overnight Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary, Paro

Day 10

Depart from Paro International Airport after breakfast.