Sample Itinerary

Day 1

Arrive into Buenos Aires Airport (EZE) where you are met for a private transfer (30 minutes) to the lovely Hotel Legado Mitico.

Buenos Aires is an elegant and cosmopolitan city with a European flavor and friendly atmosphere. There is a very active cultural and social life, special themes being the tango, the sleepless night-life, sports at their best: soccer, polo and horse races, the famed Argentine beef and excellent wines. The myth of “Evita”, the gaucho tradition and the Pampas, the River Plate waterfront, beautiful parks, monuments and statuary, great museums, art galleries and art shows, a wonderful opera house, good shopping, sidewalk cafés and excellent restaurants – all to go with the unmatched Argentinean hospitality, landmark of a society born from the ships and open to all cultures.

Hotel Legado Mitico is located in Palermo Soho, one of the trendier areas of Buenos Aires. This chic and boutique hotel is a wonderful combination of old and contemporary, ideal for those who seek the authentic and sophisticated experiences. There is a friendly, cozy atmosphere, where each of the 11 rooms is dedicated to a different legendary Argentine character. Each room features the decor and reading material that represents the inspired public figure so you can acquaint yourself with their lasting mark.

Today take a walk through the Recoleta of Buenos Aires, including the nearby Recoleta Cemetery where the elite families of Buenos Aires have been buried since the city’s founding. The Cemetery includes graves of some of the most influential and important Argentineans, including several presidents, scientists, and wealthy characters. Internationally, Eva Perón is the best-known person buried in this cemetery. Here you can marvel at the elaborate marble mausoleums, decorated with statues, in a wide variety of architectural styles. The entire cemetery is laid out in sections like city blocks, with wide tree-lined main walkways branching into sidewalks filled with mausoleums. You will learn about the city’s prominent European architectural roots and the history of the influential figures that filled this neighborhood. The Recoleta neighborhood is also a cultural center with art institutions such as Centro Cultural Recoleta, the Palais du Glace, and the Fine Arts Museum.

Overnight Hotel Legado Mitico

Day 2

Explore Buenos Aires with your private guide. This Latin American city resembles the cosmopolitan and aristocratic atmosphere of the big European capitals. But beyond the aristocratic archives, there is another side to Buenos Aires. There is La Boaca, an areas where small colored houses add flair and Tango lives on the streets of San Telmo. You will spend the day learning about the interesting contrasts and combinations that make Buenos Aires an original and irresistible cultural metropolis.

No stay in Buenos Aires is complete without a night of Tango. You will be picked up at your hotel with a private transfer to a cabaret designed by Philippe Starck. He created this experience in the classic, Faena Hotel in order to bring back the nostalgia of time passed. This show is full of fantasy and sensuality with an attitude of all its own. At dinner you will explore some of the subtle aromas and textures that characterize Argentine cuisine, and of course, no meal is complete without the accompaniment of a fine Argentinean wine and champagne.

After dinner, take a private transfer back to your hotel.

Overnight Hotel Legado Mitico

Day 3

Head out of town, and visit the authentic Estancia El Ombu. Today you’ll experience the traditional “gaucho” town of San Antonio de Areco, 123 Km. from Buenos Aires. While at the ranch, learn about the guacho’s history and way of life. Your first stop is a visit to a famous silversmith workshop. This silversmith’s work continues to be sought after by kings and collectors worldwide! Here you will be able to see the “behind the scenes” life of this gifted craftsman, a special knowledge that is still passed from father to sons.

Continue to a private estancia, where you’ll savor a typical Argentine barbecue of fine beef and wines. Relax and enjoy the in stunning views of the endless plains. This is a fantastic opportunity to enjoy the countryside and immerse yourself in the calm and delightful ambience of the estancia lifestyle. You can even hop on a horse or take a ride in the ¨sulkys¨ – horse driven chariot.

In the evening, return to your hotel.

Overnight Hotel Legado Mitico

Day 4

Transfer from your hotel to the airport and take a flight to the beautiful Bariloche! Arrive into Bariloche where a driver will fetch you for a private transfer to the boutique El Casco Art Hotel.

San Carlos de Bariloche is in the western area of the Province of Río Negro, Bariloche and is located in the heart of the Nahuel Huapi National Park. Lying on the southern shore of the lake after which the park is named, it is the perfect combination between the speed of the city and quiet nature. Here you can find the luxurious combination of excellent food and wine coupled with beautiful, wild nature and impressive lakes. In the summer, rafting, hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, and fly fishing excursions or multi-day trekking are great ways to pass your time.

You will be picked up by our local hiking guide in a private vehicle. Our destination is Mount Llao Llao – possibly one of the most photographed regions in all of Argentina, known for its spectacular setting of crystalline lakes and mountains. The hike to the top of Mount Llao Llao is an easy walk that takes us through a beautiful forest to strategic panoramic points that will allow us to enjoy and take pictures of amazing views. It takes approximately 2.5 hours to complete this hike, involving some brief uphill sections. (Elevation gain 600 ft.) This serves as a great way to stretch your legs and is one of the most enjoyable and stunning hikes in the lake district.

In the evening, return to the El Casco Art Hotel for overnight. El Casco Art Hotel is an original venture that blends breathtaking landscape, an impressive Argentine art collection, specially elaborated cuisine and state-of-the-art amenities. Situated on the shore of the Nahuel Huapi Lake, the hotel is strategically located to make the most of this renowned region. All rooms have lake views and are decorated with masterpieces – enjoy over 300 works of Argentinean art of the Zurbaran collection, an impressive collection indeed!

Overnight El Casco Art Hotel

Day 5

Head off to Llao Llao Municipal Park and walk (45 minutes) to the natural balconies at the Brazo Tristeza. From here, you can admire the magnificent view over the nearby mountains with a picnic lunch. In the afternoon, you will walk back out and then head to beaches of Moreno Lake to explore the area by kayak!

Head back to the hotel for overnight.

Overnight El Casco Art Hotel

Day 6

Today is for relaxing and enjoying the region at your own pace.

Overnight El Casco Art Hotel

Day 7

Today you depart Bariloche and head into the stunning and welcoming Mendoza wine region.Upon landing in Mendoza, you’ll be picked up and transfer to Entre Cielos Hotel. Entre Cielos is gorgeous hotel has 15 unique, spacious rooms. Each room features stylish and impeccable design with luxurious comfort. You’ll find that each is made even more comfortable by its natural feel.

Get acquainted with Mendoza by going on an intimate tour of the city. This city is characterized by the picturesque settings of its many plazas, manicured grounds of Parque San Martin, and its extensive food and wine culture. You will be feeling at home in Mendoza’s beautiful, tree-lined streets in no time! Start by discovering the history of Mendoza through the four main Plazas named Chile, San Martin, España and Italia plazas. You’ll also see down town where the shopping and the financial districts exist. The highlight is the Parque San Martin, considered to be the most beautiful Public Park in all of Latin America. Designed by Carlos Thays, the Park was built in 1896. Today the park has an extension of 389 hectares, and contains valuable sculptures, monuments, an artificial lake, several pedestrian walks, over 5000 roses, a campus university and several health clubs. This park’s attentively managed grounds are the pride of the city.

Mendoza city is situated 610 miles northwest of Buenos Aires and boasts a population of 775,000 inhabitants. The dry climate, the cool nights and hot days, the mineral-rich water, the sandy soil and an abundance of sun combine to make this one of the most perfect wine growing regions in the world. Originally a desert, Mendoza is now a beautiful green expanse thanks to the present-day irrigation system, which dates back to the Incas and which has transformed the city into a very well planned oasis.

Mendoza is considered the foodie destination in Argentina where wine bars, innovative restaurants, and gourmet food producers cater to the international wine enthusiast with a desire to explore. Long lunches and dinners as well as relaxing siestas provide a wonderful taste of Argentine culture. Delicious grilled meats covered in tangy chimichurri sauce, clay-oven baked empanadas, fresh pizzas, traditional carbonda and locro, quince paste and soft cheese are just some of the amazing specialities that can be indulged in Mendoza. Surrounded by farms and ranches, everything in Mendoza is fresh and flavorful. Tradition and innovation work side by side in the kitchen as well as the winery. Malbec, Argentina’s flagship wine is earning international prestige. The grape, originally famed for the Bordeaux blends of France, has found its home in the ideal terroirs of Mendoza for over 140 years.

Overnight Entre Cielos Hotel

Day 8

Depart Mendoza City and head for the heart of the wine country into Ljan o Maipu.

The prime winery area in Mendoza, Agrelo is where many of the best-known export oriented Argentine wineries are located. If there is a Napa Valley in Mendoza, this is it. Here some of the biggest names in Argentine wine can be found. You will head for Agrelo to visit two wineries of the region. As you move through the day, you’ll find each winery and wine has a distinctive mark, some are known for their unique architecture, some their historical presence, while others are known for their modernity. Others are famed for their boutique status and small production while others have unusual techniques, or focus on organic production.

Part of the charm of this region is the classic countryside mixed with fine wine and inspiring art. To add to the richness of the Mendoza experience, you will have the opportunity to visit local artists’ studios along the way.

Overnight Entre Cielos Hotel

Day 9

Today you will depart Mendoza and fly to Salta, arguably the most beautiful and varied region of Argentina!

Upon your arrival into Salta, you will take a morning walking tour to explore the city’s historical district, visiting the Cathedral, the church and convents of San Francisco and San Bernardo and the Cabildo. These are all located 2 blocks around the 9 de Julio main square in the heart of Salta. You will also visit the MAAM Museum, which stands for High Mountain Archeology Museum. MAAM holds the world’s best-preserved Incan mummies collection, including the famous Sleeping children of Llullaillaco discovered by the archeological expedition that Johan Reinhard lead in 1999.

Lying on the Lerma Valley, Salta is situated in one of the most fertile valleys in the region and offers unparalleled beauty. Located nearly 4,000 feet above sea level, it still dwarfs in the shadows of the 20 de Febrero and San Bernardo Mountains! The mountainous backdrop of this glowing city makes for a romantic feel. Salta’s colonial past can be seen in the architecture of the houses, streets, and monuments which are connected by narrow sidewalks – obvious reminders of the European influence in the region.

In the evening, head back to your Hotel Legado Mitico Salta. Legado Mítico is located in the historic city of Salta, in a mansion that has been thoughtfully restored to preserve its original spirit. This boutique hotel is a wonderful mix of old and contemporary and follows the same theme as the Hotel Legado in Buenos Aires by having 11 rooms dedicated to mythical Argentine character. The decor and reading material will tell you a little something about each character. Relax and enjoy as you are well looked after by the hotel staff.

Overnight Legado Mitico Salta

Day 10

Today is a full-day train ride on a route known as, “journey of the clouds” where you pass theough the mountains the region’s awe-inspiring canyons! You will pass through the town of Campo Quijano, which leads to the spectacular Bull’s Gorge. Then, you’ll press on to visit the ruins of the pre Inca’s town of Santa Rosa de Tastil. Eventually, you reach the Abra Blanca pass, a towering 13,400 feet up from the salt flats of the Puna desert. Continue on until you arrive at the grand salt flats in Puna, and descend to Cuesta de Lipán, landing in the town of Purmamarca. The Hills of Seven Colors will greet you with their magical glow in the late afternoon light.

Puntamarca dates back to the XVII century – and is fascinating due to this incredible prehispanic history! The town sits just over 7,000 and its name means “Town of the Virgin Land” in the Aimara language and is still known as the land of Seven Colored Hills due to the unique geology. Charming adobe buildings, with mud tiled roofs give it an incredible and unique feel. Visit the square and enjoy a crafts fair where you can buy pottery, hand-loomed rugs, ponchos, musical instruments and typical clothes from the area.

Hotel Manantial del Silencio was built with local materials, which allows it to seamlessly blend in with its surroundings. With only 19 rooms, you will enjoy the excellent service and personal feel of this boutique hotel. Decorated with handicrafts, the rooms are large, airy spaces that open out in the Andean landscape. Try Andean specialties, including fresh, local meats, quinoa and other products from the area. The Hotel is known to be the best in the Northwest, particularly for its creative and authentically fabulous food.

Overnight Hotel El Manantial del Silencio

Day 11

Take a full day to explore the Quebrada de Humahuaca. Leave early and make your way to the Tilcara, the Cementery of Maimará and the colorful Painter´s Palette foreground. Stop at Tilcara and visit the pre-Columbian Pucará (stronghold), built on a hill in the middle of the Valley, from where original inhabitants would attack the Spaniard conquerors coming from the Alto Peru. The Archeological Museum (on the main square) is probably the best in the Northwest. It holds a complete collection ranging from pre Inca mummies to pre Columbian artifacts from Bolivia, Chile and Peru. The church (as all along the north west) is particularly interesting.

Overnight Hotel El Manantial del Silencio

Day 12

Transfer fom Purmamarca to the Salta Airport, and from here, fly onward to Buenos Aires to home.