Days: 7

Dates: July and August

Start & Finish: Denver, Colorado

Group Size: 8-16

Accommodation: 4-star lodge in Breckenridge, CO

Total Miles Covered: 20 miles

Physical Rating: 4/5

This unique physical journey will take you to new heights. Based out of Breckenridge, Colorado, your journey will include five 14,000’ peak summits in four days! It is a strenuous challenge that will take your breath away in more ways than one - and provide you with some impressive bragging rights.

This high mountain chain in the heart of Colorado lies between the Front Range to the East and the Sawatch Range to the west. This beautiful land is the ancestral home and former hunting ground for the Ute Indian Tribe. It is one of the highest and driest areas of Colorado - making it the perfect location for an adventure of this caliber. Like most of the state, the region was not heavily populated until gold and other precious metals were discovered in the mountains - setting off a mining boom that brought settlers to the region, and left behind many remnants of mining that you see throughout your hikes.

This thoughtfully designed trip includes a day to acclimatize and a day of rest to help the body adjust to the altitude and strain. Each night you will return to your basecamp lodge in Breckenridge, enjoying the creature comfort of a nice bed at night so that you can push yourself during the day. The first full day in Colorado gives you time to acclimatize in Breckenridge at 9,600’ and take off on a starter hike up to about 10,500’. With that under your belt, you’ll be ready for your first 14,000’ summit on Day 3. After a day spent recuperating and enjoying the wilds of Breckenridge, you will set off on an incredibly impressive multi-summit day. These four peaks - Mt. Democrat, Mt. Lincoln, Mt. Cameron and Mt. Bross - 14,154’, 14,293’, 14,178’ respectively - connect on a circular loop trail making for very little backtracking and new, stunning views throughout.