Suggested Length: 24 days/23 nights

Starts From: $22,000

Countries: Ecuador and The Galapagos, Peru

Some trips are almost too good to be true. Crafted with the "slow traveler" in mind, this immersive journey through Peru and Ecuador introduces adventurers to cultures that have established their unique lifestyles in some of the world's most extraordinary landscapes. Natural opportunities abound, allowing guests to learn about vital conservation efforts in biodiversity hotspots. We've also incorporated visits to important youth education programs. These impactful philanthropic efforts have been pioneered by innovative organizations looking to advance girls' education and leadership training.

Your journey starts with a secluded cruise through the Peruvian Amazon where travelers can feel the abundance of life in the rainforest, and gain a deeper appreciation for conservation at a river mammal rescue and rehabilitation enter. Move west to the Sacred Valley of the Incas - known as the "spiritual navel" of the world to immerse in Peruvian culture and cuisine and hike to see one of the natural wonders of the world, Machu Pichhu. After a short flight to Ecuador, visit one the important Choco biodiversity hotspot before embarking on a trip to perhaps the highlight of your journey, the coveted Galapagos Islands.