Sample Itinerary

Day 1

As you depart the plane at Oslo Airport, a personal driver dedicated exclusively to your service will expect your arrival. With a focus solely on your comfort and convenience, they will seamlessly escort you to Villa Incognito.

Located in the prestigious Frogner district, adjacent to Sommerro in Oslo's West End, Villa Inkognito is a testament to refined luxury. Each uniquely designed bedroom and suite boasts bespoke furnishings adorned with hand-knotted rugs, custom-designed beds, and lavish bathrooms showcasing bespoke tiles. At Villa Inkognito, your personal host will cater to your every need. Steeped in history, this building was established in 1753 and meticulously transformed into an exclusive private villa, intertwining heritage with modern extravagance.

Overnight Villa Inkognito

Day 2
Lofoten Islands

Early this morning, luxuriate in a private transfer to Oslo-Gardermoen Airport to board your flight from Oslo to Svolvaer. From here, you'll be privately driven to the stunning Lofoten Islands, situated 155 miles north of the Arctic Circle in the Nordland region.

As the early afternoon sun casts its glow upon this impressive landscape, your guide will welcome you at the airport and accompany you to your accommodation.

Toast to the beginning of your arctic adventure with a welcome drink at the renowned Nyvagar Rorbu, a lakeside hotel surrounded by snow-capped splendor.

Take the afternoon to unwind in this peaceful area of Storvågan. Should you wish to see the region further, a dedicated guide and vehicle will accompany you to beautiful locations in this arctic paradise, including its scenic beaches.

This evening, you'll be invited to experience Northern Norweigan hospitality with a welcome dinner prepared at the lodge from local ingredients.

Nyvagar Rorbu Hotel is ideally located by the Norwegian Sea within the historical region of Storvågan. The charming cabins are decorated with understated elegance, embracing the Lofoten style. Each cabin, a sanctuary of comfort, contains a living room and bathroom on the lower floor and two bedrooms upstairs, ensuring you have ample room to relax.

Overnight Nyvagar Rorbu Hotel

Day 3
Raftsundet and The Trollfjord

Over breakfast, you'll discuss today's plans with your guide to choose an itinerary that suits your energy levels and preferences. You may like to visit the picturesque fishing towns of Henningsvaer and Svolvaer or hike a trail that leads to Glomtind Mountain close by.

The hike is a three-hour journey. A collection of islands, marine landscapes, and glistening lakes can be seen from the summit. Refreshments and snacks will be thoughtfully provided for you to enjoy from the viewpoint.

Alternatively, you can spend the afternoon on a private boat excursion. From Svolvaer port, board a comfortable catamaran that effortlessly navigates through the water towards the north of the archipelago.

This journey will guide you past the peaks of the Vest Fjord to enter the scenic Trollfjord, one of the most emblematic places on the islands. It is well known for its stunning beauty, steep mountain range and narrow inlets.

Should the weather permit, fishing and paddle surfing from the catamaran are possible. Your day comes to a close with a memorable dinner served onboard.

Day 4
Finnmark Territories

The morning unfolds with adventure as you equip yourself with floating suits for an exciting rubber boat excursion. Your skipper will meet you at the lodge to guide you on a private RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat) boat tour to enjoy the mountains, islands and the spectacular west coast.

During this excursion, you can spot local wildlife such as cormorants, eiders, and the iconic white-tailed eagles, a species protected since 1978. Following this exhilarating encounter with nature, a delightful lunch will be served.

The afternoon elevates your adventure to new heights, quite literally. Step into a private helicopter for a mesmerizing 2.5-hour scenic flight. Your journey takes you over the iconic Lofoten Islands, through the dramatic Lyngen Alps, and onward to the enchanting Finnmark, the northernmost territories of Europe. The helicopter will touch down gracefully at Arctic Wilderness Lodge, a secluded hideaway in Lapland's woods.

After an event-filled day, take a moment to soothe your senses during a 90-minute private sauna and jacuzzi before enjoying a delicious dinner.

The day's activities are not over yet! A nocturnal adventure beckons as you venture onto the rugged terrain of the Finnmark Plateau. Under the guidance of your expert tour guide, you'll navigate Utility Terrain Vehicles (UTV), with prior safety instructions ensuring your exploration is both thrilling and secure. Traverse various paths through the Alta River Valley, ascending mountains or the inland plateau. A valid car driving license is necessary to partake in this unique tour.

Located along the Alta River in Norway's high Arctic, the Arctic Wilderness Lodge, with its 24 rooms, effortlessly blends luxury with nature. The lodge extends a warm invitation to guests, welcoming them to try an array of unique excursions. Delight in the world-class gastronomy and unmatched hospitality of Arctic Wilderness Lodge, creating an unparalleled Arctic experience.

Overnight Arctic Wilderness Lodge

Day 5
Sautso National Park

This morning, your private motor canoe will be waiting at the riverbank for your tour into the heart of Norwegian Lapland to see the sandbanks, river valleys, and boreal forests.

The Alta River stands as one of Europe's foremost salmon-producing waterways. During the tour, you will see the "Taiga" landscapes toward Sautso National Park and the largest canyon in northern Europe. A variety of snacks, sandwiches, and refreshing beverages will be served onboard.

Returning to the lodge, take a moment to unwind before the next adventure begins.
A local expert will guide the afternoon's activity. Whether you choose to bike, hike, or canoe, the experience will offer you a close encounter with nature.

Rejuvenate after an adventure-packed day with 90 minutes of private relaxation within the spa, then finish off the day with a gourmet dinner served by Johnny Trasti in his intimate forest restaurant. Johnny is considered one of the best chefs in Norway.

Overnight Arctic Wilderness Lodge

Day 6
Magerøya Island

This morning, your private driver will be waiting to escort you to the helipad for your helicopter ride to North Cape.

The 60-minute flight will have you soaring above the valleys of Finnmark and the breathtaking arctic coast. From this bird's eye view, old fishing villages seem suspended in time, and with a touch of luck, you might witness a herd of reindeer grazing in the mountains or valleys.

Touch down at the North Cape, Europe's northernmost point on Magerøya Island (71º North). From here, you can enjoy the sceneries of the Arctic Ocean and the impressive vertical cliffs.

A car will be ready to drive you through a scenic route, winding through tundra landscapes and past serene lakes that grace Magerøya Island. Travel from North Cape to the island's southern point, enjoying the variety of landscapes.

During this time, your helicopter will relocate to Honningsvag, where you will again board to fly to the "lost fishing village" of Storekorsnes along the Arctic coast. Enjoy a delicious private King Crab lunch in Ellen's House, an exclusive feast in a remarkable setting.

From Storekorsnes, a private RIB boat voyage awaits for the journey to the picturesque Alta Fjord. En route, stop for a short walk on the green hills alongside the Milky River in Seiland National Park.

Return to the lodge in the evening, and complete the day with a delightful dinner.

Overnight Arctic Wilderness Lodge

Day 7
Svalbard Islands

Your day will begin with a private transfer to Alta Airport for a flight to Oslo to connect with your flight to Longyearbyen, the northernmost town on earth.

A private driver will bring you to Funken Hotel to relax for the afternoon and enjoy dinner at the hotel restaurant. This culinary experience mirrors the grandeur of the surroundings.

After renovating in the autumn of 2017, the hotel has reclaimed its position as the most elegant building in Longyearbyen. The renovation has elevated Funken Hotel's exclusivity, with rooms, dining options, and facilities all restored to an exceptional level. The renewal embraces the building's historical and cultural charm, infusing it with sophistication, innovation, and originality.

Overnight Funken Hotel

Day 8
Isfjord Radio

After a transfer to Longyearbyen Port, step aboard an expedition boat reserved just for your private tour of the northern side of Isfjord.

As you glide along the waters of the picturesque Isfjord, you'll reach the northern entrance, Trygghamna, where various birdlife resides beneath the 3000-foot-high cliffs. As you journey onward, passing dramatic peaks and massive glacier fronts, you'll soon reach the beach at Poolepynten. A remarkable encounter awaits as you witness the magnificent walruses, some of the Arctic's most extraordinary and sizable creatures. Lunch will be served amidst this inspiring backdrop.

Your guide will escort you to Isfjord Radio, a historical polar radio station in Kapp Lineé, on the shore under the Spitsbergen's mountains. Its welcoming atmosphere is ideal for enjoying a drink by the fireplace, while the outdoor sauna is the perfect place to unwind.
The afternoon invites you to explore the library, take a guided walk, bask in the sauna's warmth, or admire the view from the living room.

The secluded Isfjord Radio Adventure Hotel is a remote outpost beyond civilization's reach with no road connection. Accessible via dogsled or snowmobile during winter or an Arctic boat safari in summer, this historic 1933-built radio station reveals a comfortable, modern interior amidst rugged exterior charm. With primary and separate house accommodations, each boasting private facilities, Isfjord Radio guarantees a comfortable stay.

Overnight Isfjord Radio

Day 9
Isfjord Radio

Begin your day with a five-hour guided hike from Isfjord Radio, surrounding yourself in the Arctic landscape. This leisurely route will take you to see arctic flowers, permafrost soil, and perhaps glimpses of local wildlife like Svalbard reindeer, arctic foxes, and an array of birds.

Following the hike, enjoy a well-deserved lunch back at the station and consider indulging in one final Arctic sauna before your farewell.

This afternoon, embark on a private RIB boat journey, transporting you from Isfjord Radio to Longyearbyen and to your hotel for the evening.

The day's activities conclude with a special farewell dinner, a culinary delight in Longyearbyen's most iconic restaurant.

Overnight in Longyearbyen

Day 10
Nordenskioldbreen Glacier

Begin the day with a thrilling boat expedition aboard an open RIB boat, cruising into Advent Fjord towards the Nordenskioldbreen Glacier, one of the most impressive glaciers in the Isfjord.

Continue your voyage near the Pyramiden settlement in Billefjorden, once a coal mining hub. The city's abandonment in the '90s remains a silent witness of the past.

Return to Longyearbyen, where you'll have time to explore, shop, or visit the Polar Museum before your flight to the airport and on to your accommodation for the evening.

Overnight Villa Inkognito

Day 11
Departure Day

After a leisurely breakfast at Villa Inkognito and a morning to enjoy in Oslo, your driver will accompany you to Gardermoen Airport to connect with your international flight home.