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Things We Learned Volunteering in Haiti

***There is evidently an infinite capacity for a human being to become dirty. While expectation may be that you can only get “so” dirty, that has been proven false. As follow up, the first shower in a light-colored tub (with running water and soap/shampoo) after many days of bucket baths, you will audibly gasp when you see the rivers of mud washing off you and down the drain. Then, like directions on a shampoo bottle, even after you “lather, rinse, repeat” you will STILL turn the towel brown when you dry off.

*** Soccer/football, makes everyone giddy.

*** A smile, “Mesi” (thank you), and Bonjou/Bonswa go miles and miles, across pretty much any divide.

***A group of people sitting around a table all simultaneously remembering, then swallowing, anti-malarial medicine is a funny sight.

***Whatever you previously believed to be your maximum capacity…for carrying heavy loads up steep hills, for sleep deprivation thanks to friendly roosters, for trying new things, for appreciating beauty, for feeling, for laughing, for loving—you will exceed this capacity on a trip like ours.


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