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Tahiti: South Seas Marine Immersion

Suggested Length: 9 days/8 nights

Country: Tahiti

This expedition will take you to the best sites in the South Pacific to experience and learn about coral reefs. We will combine field lectures, slideshows, and discussions, with lots of time in the water to provide an outstanding introduction to coral reef ecology and conservation. It is meant for all age levels, and is perfect for family groups. Each day will have a different theme to discuss and a different site to explore. We will cover all aspect of the natural history of coral reefs and visit a variety of amazing reef-scapes.

Moorea is the site that the US National Science Foundation has chosen to do long-term research on coral reefs, and it is the only island in the territory to have marine protected areas. We will visit the UC Berkeley Gump Research Station, have guest lectures and discussions with the scientists doing this work, and we will see how cutting-edge research is done on coral reefs. Rangiroa is the second largest atoll in the world, and atolls are nothing but reef, coral islets, and lagoon. This is an amazing marine wonderland, with teeming fish populations, schooling sharks, manta rays, and hundreds of beautiful little islands ringing a massive lagoon.

This trip is planned using snorkeling for access to the coral reef. Accompanied by our experienced guides this is a great way for people of all aquatic capabilities to experience the underwater world. We can easily arrange supplementary SCUBA diving for anyone who wants to do this.