Meet the team behind Elevate Destinations

Dominique Callimanopulos: Founder and President

Dominique  is a lifetime world traveler committed to combining singular journeys with social good. She grew up witnessing the disparity between tourists and local conditions they visit and created Elevate Destinations to provide unique and enchanted travel for clients, while caring for local people, wildlife and natural resources. Dominique studied the impact of tourism on social change in the Seychelle Islands for her Anthropology thesis at Wesleyan University and continued to explore global social and human conditions through 25 years of work with social change organizations in the fields of human rights, international development, environmental protection and psychology before founding Elevate Destinations in 2005.


Andrea Atkinson: Director, Program Development

Andrea is a sustainability professional with a background in international relations, non-profit management and sustainable program development. Andrea grew up in Brazil, Bolivia and Niger and has travelled extensively, always with an eye for intercultural relationship-building and social and environmental perspectives. Before starting her consulting entity, Scopa Group – providing sustainability solutions and programming for communities and companies, Andrea most recently worked with The Green Roundtable, a green building organization, launching and managing NEXUS Green Building Resource Center, an educational center in downtown Boston. She has a degree in International Relations with a focus on sustainable development, Latin America and Africa and has experience working with the United Nations and other national and international organizations.


Lana Byal: Personal Travel Consultant

Lana is passionate about travel and recognizes the formative and influential role it has played in her professional and personal development. Having spent the last 17 years exploring the globe, Lana feels that creating unique and meaningful travel opportunities positively contributes to the development of a more informed and compassionate society. Lana graduated with a Masters of Science in Biodiversity, Conservation and Management from the University of Oxford and is committed to wildlife conservation and socially responsible and ethical travel. Most recently, Lana brings inspiration and experience from her work in Tanzania, India, and Mexico where she has worked on a diversity of environmentally-related projects, including tiger conservation, human-wildlife conflict, climate change, and safari guide training and evaluation. She believes that travel enhances our connection to each other and the natural world – it’s also fun, enlightening, inspirational, and often, life changing.


Kate Caprari: Marketing + Creative Director

Kate designed the signature Elevate look and creates the visuals for all our digital and print communications, along with managing online marketing efforts and our website. Her design studio, Three Square Design, is dedicated to helping visionaries share their voices online and connect with new audiences in service of humanity and positive social impact. Kate gathers inspiration from around the world. In recent years, she has traveled to Kenya, Costa Rica, Canada, Patagonia, and the Galapagos Islands.


Naomi Garner: Donor Travel Program Associate

Searching a stretch of Costa Rican beach by moonlight, Naomi stumbled across a sea turtle nest only to find it had already been hit by poachers. From this moment sprang a resolve and a passion to understand the complex social interactions that impact ecological conservation. This, combined with Naomi’s love for culture and language, has led her to the promising field of sustainable tourism.

Naomi studied Conservation Biology and Japanese linguistics at the University of Washington in Seattle. Most recently, she joins Elevate from Washington, DC, where she focused on tourism policy research at the Center for Responsible Travel, and marketing consultation at Solimar International.


Katherine Redington: Director of Donor Travel

Katherine’s career has taken her to the exciting intersections of tourism, education, and international development. She has managed numerous volunteer programs in remote areas of Fiji, designed and implemented tourism projects that contribute to poverty alleviation in India and Sri Lanka, and most recently, has been supporting the investment and design of a financially sustainable hotel-school in Beira, Mozambique, which provides education and training for young adults with limited economic resources. Katherine holds a Masters in International Education & Development from Columbia University where she studied education, development, and tourism and is certified by United Nations World Tourism Organization in Sustainable Practices for Tourism and Development. Katherine believes that responsible travel can create positive avenues for local development and instill compassion and empathy towards communities around the world.